XI GUAN CUOur Approach ro Food

Our Approach

What transforms the mundanity of everyday life into pure happiness? The answer is in the little moments of spark we encounter, receive or create in our daily routine. They take us by surprise and touch the softest corner of our heart; they bring simple, uncomplicated pleasure. XI GUAN CU wants to be a part of your life and adds many more sparks for you. XI GUAN CU Vinegars can be infused with a variety of fruits: Lemons add a burst of citric tang; strawberries bring sugary sweetness; grapes make vinegar taste mellow, and pineapples make it tropical; with oranges, vinegar can take on a bright and joyous tone; with banana, vinegar turns soft and luscious on the tongue. XI GUAN CU Vinegar is a great seasoning, for cooking and for life.