Sliced Poached Chicken

Sliced Poached Chicken

Refreshing appetiser

This is a signature dish from the South of China. Corn-fed chicken is poached with great care and love, and every slice is tender and soft, coated in a sesame sauce.

Sliced Poached Chicken

What You′ll Need


Corn-fed chicken

1 One


30 g

Spring onions

10 g


Liu Yue Xian Premium Soy Sauce

100 g


25 g

XI GUAN CU Rice Vinegar

2 g

Sesame oil

5 g

Hua Diao cooking wine

10 g


  • Wash and clean the corn-fed chicken.

  • Bring a big pot of water to boil before placing in cooking wine (huadiao) and the whole chiken. Wait until the water starts to boil again before turning off the heat. Do not remove the cover and allow the chicken to sit in water for 25 minutes before sieving it out. Set aside to cool. Brush on sesame oil and cut the chicken into slices to plate.

  • Chop the spring onions and ginger; mix the two ingredients with LIU YUE XIAN Premium Orignal Soy Sauce, sugar and XI GUAN CU Rice Vinegar to create a dipping sauce. Serve with the chicken slices.