Working in the food industry requires perseverance and passion.

Shinho is a group enterprise focused on food. We believe that good food can provide a better future for families around the world. We want to be an important part of that process, leading change in the food industry and positively impacting the food ecosystem.

“Family” lies at the heart of our vision and underlies our values. We believe in treating the world like family. We don′t sell to consumers what we wouldn’t eat ourselves. We firmly believe that as long as the Shinho team is made up of like-minded people who share the same vision and the same spirit of optimism, confidence, warmth, sincerity, and mutual encouragement, we will always reach our goals no matter how ambitious they are.


We Work at Shinho

  • Design Thinking Fosters Creativity

    Design Thinking Fosters Creativity

    At Shinho, we look at problems first from a design perspective. People's needs are always our starting point before we move onto the consideration of technical feasibility and business strategies. We encourage everyone to join in the design process. Training brainstorms are our mode of communication, and they help bring out everyone's creative potential. We encourage people to think with their hands in a fast-paced process of trying, failing, and trying again in a different way.

  • Our Open Office Environment Breeds Passion

    Our Open Office Environment Breeds Passion

    At Shinho, we have a colorful open-plan office, encouraging active and flexible communication. We believe diversity is the source of creativity, and that teams grow faster through altruism and sharing.

  • Project-Based Work Builds T-Shaped Skillsets

    Project-Based Work Builds T-Shaped Skillsets

    At Shinho, we promote a flat, project-based organizational structure where team members from different professional backgrounds can work together on a project. We encourage the development of a "T-shaped" skillset: expertise in a specific field as well as a broad range of abilities in different disciplines. You won’t have to worry about your work schedule being monotonous. Project-based work means that there will be constant opportunities to learn and encounter new ideas. We embrace uncertainty with a positive attitude, and grow in a dynamic environment.

  • Collaborative and Continuous Development

    Collaborative and Continuous Development

    At Shinho, we do not have "directors" and "managers". Instead, our development model is built around "athletes", "coaches", and "experts". Experts design solutions while coaches oversee the team, providing guidance and skills training, helping every new member to grow. At the same time, we also believe that the voices from the front line can be the most insightful. As such, we readily encourage innovation from athletes.