The Shinho Experience: Joining the “Social Classroom”

The Shinho Experience: Joining the “Social Classroom”

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On the morning of July 21st, 2016, the launching ceremony of Shinho Love Life Food Education Experience Center was held as scheduled. This experience center is an important practice base of the “Social Classroom”project promoted by the Education Bureau. It is one of the 77 venues open to middle and primary school students in Yantai city free of charge. Since June this year, the “Social Classroom”project designed for middle and primary school students in Yantai has started its regular operation all year round. The designated venues, which used to open during winter and summer holidays, will operate as part of the project for one year. While the venues are open, middle and primary school students can bring their student ID, school cards or valid proof of student status to take part in various practical activities free of charge, including experience tours and research projects. During the launching ceremony, students from Yantai Vocational College gave performances for the teachers and students attending the event. They performed “Burn, Vegetables” and “Lake Baikal”, livening up the event with their youthful dance.
The coolest part of the ceremony was the Shinho “Mobile Food Classroom”. When it arrived before the students, everybody was cheering. Its appearance was really cool, which made the students curious about what kind of experience this “big thing” would bring to them. When the door opened, a mini ice cream factory appeared before their eyes. In such a hot summer day, a cool and refreshing ice cream was exactly what the students wanted, not to mention that it was the world’s only soy sauce ice cream which you can only taste in Shinho! A trip to the factory will let them explore how soy sauce is made, so the students followed the tour guide to the soy sauce factory. They’ve always heard about soy sauce but had no idea how it’s made, and this experience was really an eye-opener. They were impressed to see a wall full of certificates: “No wonder mom always buys Shinho’s products. That’s why!” “Yeah, and Shinho’s won the first place of a world award. That’s fantastic!”
On the observation corridor of the production workshop, the students asked out of curiousity, “Why aren’t there many people working here? Are they taking a rest?” “They are working as usual on the production line. Now we’re using machines to produce food, and we really value food safety, so we try to avoid any direct contact between the workers and food during the production process.” The tour guide explained that every procedure of production is mechanised, including the purchase and storage of ingredients, the production and storage of products, and the transportation of products to the sales terminal and customer’s kitchen. This process doesn’t involve any direct contact between human and food, which ensures that the products are safe. The students spent the whole morning visiting, experiencing and tasting. They opened their eyes and increased their knowledge about food and cooking. The “Social Classroom”taught them something they would never learn at school.
We “treat the world as family”. With sincerity, transparent production standard, and unconditional support and devotion to our “families”, Shinho tries to create a healthier and more harmonious eating environment in the society and bring people closer. Shinho’s ultimate goal is to build a complete and healthy dietary ecosystem “from farm to table”. This dietary ecosystem allows us to obtain environment-friendly agricultural products and purchase high-quality products from credible channels. It encourages Shinho to produce healthier food with high standard and new technology, and make it more accessible at anytime, anywhere. At the same time, it allows food suppliers to supply healthy seasonal food at its place of origin, so that we can provide better food service and a healthier eating environment. It also allows the next generation to receive all-round food education, so that they can be healthy and happy while they grow up, learn about the importance of healthy eating and pass it on. As the “Social Classroom”project launches, the “Shinho Love Life Food Education Experience Center” is officially open to middle and primary school students for free in the summer, with equal devotion to our family members. (Source: Yantai Evening News)