Shinho Participates in Afforestation to Improve the Life Quality

Shinho Participates in Afforestation to Improve the Life Quality

Media Coverage
March 3 in 2016 marks the 12th Arbor Day in China. Yantai Dazhong Net initiated a charity event that encourages the public to plant more tree, in which Shinho also played a role. On the day of Arbor Day, a team organized by Dazhong Net were driven to Longquan Greenery in Muping. In fact, on the previous Arbor Day, Shinho had taken a group of 35 volunteers to the public event titled "Holding the Responsibility for the Blue Sky and Green Yantai", and put our green vision into action. Since 2012, Yantai Dazhong Net partnered with Yantai branch of Agricultural Bank of China and have run tree-planting events for five consecutive years in places such as Ludong University, Gaoling Town of Muping District, Gaoling Reservoir and Longquan Town in Muping, etc. Over the past 4 years, Yantai has witnessed 30,000 more trees in its soil. Shinho's volunteers told the reporter that Shinho is committed to improving the quality of life of the public, while providing quality products and services to enrich people's life, it also actively engages in public events like afforestation, so that people can enjoy a better living environment.
Our reporter also saw Shinho's live demo trunk at the event, which is there to provide free food and drinks for volunteers. Xiujuan was one of them, and she also brought her kid along. She told us, when she knew that Shinho was to participate in the tree-planting event, she signed up as soon as possible. Because she understood that the earlier child education starts, the better, so by bringing him into the nature, she hoped that he could understand the importance to protect the environment.
Shinho has set up a charitable fund for those students in need; it carries out activities for disabled children, and went to local schools with special needs to visit them; it donates books and stationary for schools in rural areas, and makes contribution to the cause of rural education, etc. More over, as one of the corporate partners of Yantai Young Enterpreneurs, it always organizes volunteers to visit the elderly during the festive seasons, and let them feel the warmth from the society. In addition, there are also a host of activities for good causes running in the company throughout the year, such as voluntary events, donations, SOS condolences visits, as well as campaigns with topics like "Love My Home", "Start Environmental Protection from Me", " Security Affects Everyone","Thanksgiving", etc. (Source: Yantai Dazhong Net)