The Soy Sauce Monologues

The Soy Sauce Monologues

Media Coverage LIU YUE XIAN
In 2015, Liu Yue Xian joined hands with three key opinion leaders including Ouyang Yingji, Wen Haotian and Tang Yang to design three version of aprons and corresponding soy sauce packaging. Through a series of interactions, Liu Yue Xian started owning a strong social presence. First encounter: People should break their social perceptions, and "not afraid of the kitchen". When Beijing News published headlines like "Women over 30 Shouldn't Cook","Cooking is what Turned Teens to Aunts","Goddess Become Junk Bond in the Kitchen", perhaps a lot of young people have already raised their hands to get ready for applauses: great minds think alike! The purpose of media has moved beyond the traditional function of showcase, instead, they have a stronger social presence than any social accounts with marketing purposes. Liu Yue Xian published these three headlines as a series in Beijing News, which reflected the public's fear about cooking, and people's stereotypical view about the kitchen. Once the viral posters were shared to different social media platforms, they soon became the center of attention among young netizens. Then the "not afraid" phrase initiated a brand carnival. Humorous texts and posters were copied into different scenarios from blind dates to spring festival travel rush, from The Empress of China to national husband, all trendy topics have been made fun of and spread across Weibo and WeChat friend moments.
"Face Slapping" posters have stolen the audience attention and disrupted social perceptions about kitchen, but Liu Yue Xian's ambitions were stopped there. Shortly after that, a new value system of cooking "be pretty when you cook" and "kitchen wars" started catching more attention from the young target audience, a new concept that advocates quality of life in the kitchen has also being embedded into the people's mindset. Strike when it's hot: H5 game inserts energy into the brand, and helps create an interactive campaign with deliverables. Since last year, various H5 interactive pages have emerged from WeChat platforms and stepped into more people's eyesight. Liu Yue Xian used this strategy to deliver its cooking value through a "rectify the kitchen" interactive page.
Although it was a poster of simple idea, netizens have whipped out their imagination and re-made the poster into a film version, celebrity version, professional version, writer version, etc., all of which were user generated content. These days, brand communication is no longer about spreading messages in a linear way, instead, it has been upgraded into an interaction with the public. With that, Liu Yue Xian's brand philosophy is better memorized. (Source: Sohu)