Shinho Attends 17th Convenience Food Exhibition and Wins Innovation Award

Shinho Attends 17th Convenience Food Exhibition and Wins Innovation Award

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On 15th of September, 17th Convenience Food Conference and Convenience Food Exhibition entitled "Innovation and Transformation" takes place in Beijing International Convention Center. China Convenience Food Conference has become an annual gathering for the convenience food industry, showcasing convenience noodles, noodles, frozen noodles and rice, flavored noodle products, food processing equipment, ingredients, cold chain equipment, etc. It is also seen as a national platform for new product launch and brand communication because of its authoritative status in the industry. It attracted a turnout of industry leaders including Shinho, Master Kong, Uni-President, Jin Mai Lang, Nissin, Sinar Mas, CP, etc. 2017 marks the 25th year since convenience food in China first its industry scale, it is also a crucial point for the industry after five years of continuous decline. With a transformative Chinese economy, the convenience food industry is also adapting in alignment in terms of its structure. The strong insertion of internet economy disrupted competing and surviving rules for traditional food companies. As a result, they need to adapt. Transformation and innovation are the two major driving forces in convenience food industry, and are exactly what we need in 2017.
While inheriting successful modules from the past, this year’s conference also tries to innovate on the content and format front, and supply the industry with authoritative reports, professional analysis, and a way of interaction that is more market-oriented. The conference has six modules including entrepreneurs' talks, industry analysis, innovation product panel discussion and launch, safety management & control and health assessment, traditional flavors and innovative flavors, and matchmaking for science projects and enterprises, in addition, there are also industry specific discussions. Shinho's Huang Fei Hong Spicy Peanuts with Dried Fish and Huang Fei Hong Spicy Peanuts with Dried Shirmps both wins the "2017 Convenience Food Innovation Award".
A host of industry experts and entrepreneurs will also participate in the conference. They will conduct an in-depth analysis about the development of the industry, and discuss future opportunities and challenges.
Shinho's Vice General Manager, Jiang Junwu shared Shinho's view on innovation in the context of the whole convenience food industry. Shouldering the responsibility of treating the world as family, Shinho controls the quality of every link itself, so that every product can be both delicious and reliable.
Regarding Shinho's collaborate with Michelin Guide, Jiang said that as an objective restaurant reviewer, Michelin has its long-term partners, but what brought them together was that both Shinho and Michelin want everyone to eat healthily. Michelin wants to forge a multi-channel communication platform to drive the continuous development of food culture. While Shinho, as a food company, seeks to provide a healthier ecosystem for people.
In the meantime, the Convenience Food Exhibition, which has always accompanied the conference has grown with the industry, has been calling attention from the industry players. The 2017 exhibition will focus more on what exactly the corporates need by providing a public platform for new product launch, brand demonstration and achievements from every aspect of convenience food industry, in the aim of enabling its development and innovation.
Shinho's theme this year is food safety, nutrition and health. During the two-day event, Shinho has prepared soy sauce cookies, satay seafood noodles, fruit vinegar drink and miso eggs for guests and visitors.
Although Shinho has been recognized with an award, this is not where it stops. It will continue treating awards and trust as the strongest impetus, and keep going forward. Shinho aims to bring the industry forward with development and innovation, and create new ideas and opportunities for the development of China's convenience food industry. Until then, it won’t stop.