A Heart + An Apron = the True Taste of Home

A Heart + An Apron = the True Taste of Home

Brand Activity LIU YUE XIAN
This is a question that has confounded us for a long time: what does an apron really mean to the Liu Yue Xian brand? Tracing back to when it first started, an apron was introduced as part of the brand image inspired by the shape of the label on the front of the Liu Yue Xian products. A bottle’s curve is similar to that of a woman’s. The label is shaped similar to that of an apron. The label protects the bottle like an apron protects a future mother’s slightly raised belly, while also showing the softer side of a strong woman. Liu Yue Xian sees each bottle of soy sauce produced with the same pride a mother would see her baby born.
Since its first establishment, Liu Yue Xian has been focused on only producing premium soy sauce that has been fermented for six months. For 13 years, Liu Yue Xian has produced every bottle of soy sauce with the same integrity and care. The apron has been part of Liu Yue Xian’s brand image during this decade-long journey like an armour, seen her through every challenge and every celebration. With focus, determination and perseverance, Liu Yue Xian achieves the unique flavour that it delivers to its customers today. Liu Yue Xian believes, as you do, a heart and an apron add up to the true taste of home. The aprons that we use daily are often stained from cooking: a smudge of soy sauce from your first attempt in the kitchen, a splatter of soup from spoon feeding your baby. Perhaps the apron has seen you dining alone and perfectly content; or it has witnessed how much your hand shook when you first cook for a loved one. There are many stains on the apron, but these stains are also proofs that we are truly living.
Liu Yue Xian wore her armour again during the Spring Festival season of 2016-17. Every stain is a badge of honour, showcasing how many difficulties she has overcome through perseverance. Liu Yue Xian is focused on making premium soy sauce that has been fermented for six months. With her apron on, Liu Yue Xian is a stunning beauty.