Sexy Man Cooks

Sexy Man Cooks

Brand Activity LIU YUE XIAN
A traditional kitchen is ruled by women, but a modern kitchen should also be where men show their emotions. If food is a medium for delivering emotions, kitchen would be a space where people can use food to express emotions. Now let’s see how guys in different styles let out their emotions with each of their unique cuisines.

“Double Fresh from the Fresh Meat”

No girl would say no when she sees fresh ingredients paired with ‘fresh meat’. “Every day with me is new.”

“Warm Cuisine from Sweet Guys”

When you warm up food with your personality, she will feel it. “If you want, I can only be warm to you forever.”

“Cuisine with Depth from the Sophisticated”

Showing sophistication in a world of mundanity is an attractive quality. “A dish with depth like me is what you need.”
Those men who cook are sexy, because they cook food with their heart and love, and guard what matters to them. Liu Yue Xian guards true heart with real flavors. “Liu yue” is more than just time.