Join the #CrazyApron# Tik Tock Challenge Today!

Join the #CrazyApron# Tik Tock Challenge Today!

Brand Activity LIU YUE XIAN
What is the biggest lie in the world? 'I will go to sleep after watching one more video on Tik Tock.'
Once you have discovered the magic of Tik Tok, going to bed early has never been so difficult. 'I only wanted to watch for 10 mins but how is it midnight now!' 'Why are there so many cuties in Tik Tok?' 'How is this person so funny?' 'This dance is so wonderful!'
Perhaps you are harbouring hope to express yourself on Tick Tok too?

Suprise No.1: A Trip to Tibet

'Let's go on a trip, my dearest. It can be Sanya or Lijiang, crossing the Tanggula Pass and hit the Tengger Desert. Be spontaneous, be adventurous! I will take you, and you take the wallet.' This was a hugely popular post on Weibo and today Shinho LIU YUE XIAN wants to make it the reality for you. Join the #CrazyApron# challenge on Tik Tok with a chance to take home a two-person trip to Tibet.
You will get to stand on the top of the snow-covered plateau to embrace the breath-taking views that slowly unfolds before you, and discover the making of Bangdian, the bright and colourful apron that is very important in Tibetan culture.

Suprise No.2: A Trip to Shandong

Yantai's great cherry, renowned as the best spring fruit of the north, comes to the season in May. #CrazyApron# Tik Tok challenge's second prize is a trip to Shandong. You will visit cherry farms and pick the fruits yourself. Every cherry is a burst of sweet delight on the palette. We will also introduce you to the Shinho Food Discovery Centre, where you can find out how soybeans and wheat are fermented to make soy sauce. You might also enjoy the LIU YUE XIAN soy sauce ice creams that will surely blow your mind with contrasting flavours.

Surprise No.3: Bangdian Apron Gift Box

#CrazyApron# Tik Tok challenge's thrid price is an LIU YUE XIAN Bangdian apron gift box. LIU YUE XIAN employs thousand years old Bangdian apron making techniques and weaves love and wishes together for foodies around the world.

Suprise No.4: LIU YUE XIAN Gift Box

LIU YUE XIAN is a stable in kitchen cabinets just like an apron. We have prepared LIU YUE XIAN gift box for everyone with two LIU YUE XIAN Premium Less-Salt Soy Sauce wearing Bangdian aprons on the bottles. They will make every dish healthy, nutritious and delicious.

#CrazyApron# TikTok Challenge starts now

Participation time: 2019.1.19-2.19 The Rules Step 1: Open Tik Tok and clicks on Search;
Step 2: Type in #CrazyApron#;
Step 3: Go into the event's page;
Step 4: Click 'join' to enter the camera view. Use unique stickers to join the challenge for a variety of prices LIU YUE XIAN prepared for you.

How we give out awards:

Shinho LIU YUE XIAN's #CrazyApron# challenge will evaluate its winners by the number of likes a video has. Tik Tok assistance will send out notifications. The challenge ends on the 19th of February and sends out awards on the 20th. Please tune in for more. The rules are easy. Clock is ticking! Call your friends and families to join in on Shinho LIU YUE XIAN's Tik Tok challenge!