Mellow with Nature, Mature with Time

Mellow with Nature, Mature with Time

Brand Activity LIU YUE XIAN
Because “Liu” in Liu Yue Xian means six months’ fermentation period, at the same time, June is a month of nurture – Children’s Day for happiness, Father’s Day for thanksgiving, and Mid-Autumn Festival for reunion. June is also the birthday for another core brand in Shinho family – Cong Ban Lv Liu Yue Xian undergoes a total of 90 days to be the final product on your table. Shinho insists to ferment soy bean sauce over a period of time, hence the mellow flavors. No matter it is because of Liu Yue Xian (fermented for sixth months), or Liu Yue Xiang (born in June), they both have their distinguishable association with June. That makes June memorable, because it mellows with nature and matures with time.