Hello Michelin Guide, We Meet Again!

Hello Michelin Guide, We Meet Again!

Brand Activity
Today, the first version of 2018 Guangdong Michelin Guide is launched in Yangcheng. From now on, Guangzhou cuisine is marked on the international food map, and the Michelin Guide officially starts a new chapter for Cantonese cuisine.

The Michelin Guide at Yangcheng

Have dim sums for afternoon tea. Food in Guangzhou belongs predominantly to Cantonese cuisine, and there are a variety of cooking styles that developed over many, many years. Guangzhou's long food history gave the city a particularity for great food. From careful selection of ingredients to the continuation of traditional cooking methods, Guangzhou has a food industry that drives innovation and preservation of classic dishes, which are in line with the values the Michelin Guide promotes. This is one of the reasons why the Michelin Guide choose Guangzhou.
There are 63 Guangzhou's finest restaurants listed in the Michelin Guide, eight out of which are one-star Michelin restaurants. These are Bing Sheng Mansion, Bing Sheng Private Kitchen, Yu Yue Heen of the Four Seasons Hotel, Jiang by Chef Fei, Wisca (Hai Zhu), Jade River of White Swan Hotel, Lai Heen of the Ritz-Carlton and Lei Garden (Yue Xiu). Two restaurants are given a Respectable Recipe Award and Revitalized Cuisine Award. Twenty establishments are recognised with Bib Gourmand distinction and 30 recognised with a Michelin Plate. No restaurant is given two or three stars.
As the official partner for the 2018 Michelin Guide Guangzhou launch ceremony, this is the second time Shinho has worked with the Michelin Guide. Together, we witnessed food landmarks of the world is recognised. A dinner table is no bigger than one square meter. Shinho and the Michelin Guide have always strived to create the most happiness on that one square meter space.

Time and the Food Standards

In order to make the attending guests better understand the food standards we abide by, Shinho's display space is designed with the concept of 'time' in mind.
You can see 225 LIU YUE XIAN bottles forming a square-shaped display with Shinho's logo projected on top. When you stand on the display, Shinho's logo will narrow to the centre of the stage, and the 16 LIU YUE XIAN bottles surrounding you will be pointing your way.
If you close your eyes, you can hear the tick-tocks of the clock. LIU YUE XIAN bottles turn and follow the rhythm of the clock. It is as if time, for a brief moment, is materialised. Shinho stands firm in time to guard our standards for food. Time works its fermentation magic on the soybeans. Only patience with time can result in delicious products.
If you read the description stand next to the display carefully, you will get a deeper understanding of this world where food and time intertwines. Shinho believes in six-month fermentation for every bottle of food. The rest of the world is hurrying along, but Shinho instead takes a stroll when we produce products. Just like the Michelin Guide is never in a rush when they push on the food standards that have stood for a hundred years, and will stand still for one hundred more.

Dinner under the stars

As the night draws near, The Michelin in Yangcheng dinner party is held in the 4D dining hall of InterContinental Foshan. Michelin star chefs come together to deliver exceptional dishes inspired by Guangzhou flavours. The guests are introduced to each dish's cooking process while in the background, the 4D display changes into beautiful scenery display so the guests can enjoy the dinner under a million stars among mountains and rivers.
Whether that 'one square meter dinner table' is in a restaurant or at home, the Michelin Guide and Shinho have you covered that only great and safe food will fill up your tummy. Love is where food is. In the future, Shinho will continue to enforce our standards for food and allow ingredients to mature into luscious magic in their own time. Food can connect the world. Food can mend hearts.