HONA Organic, Natural House of Art

HONA Organic, Natural House of Art

Brand Activity HONA ORGANIC
HONA Organic was founded in 2002, and was China's first organic condiment brand. With a principle and a sense of responsibility to protect the nature, it has been practising an organic approach with love and care. For the past 15 years, it has insisted to use the best organic condiments so that crops grown in Northeast China suffer less from harmful chemical; it also has been using the most advanced fermentation techniques to bring health and nutrition to more families; moreover, it has been promoting an organic lifestyle by practising the ideal itself.
With 15 years of development under its belt, HONA Organic has become a pioneer in China's organic condiment brand, boasting a product range that encompasses organic soy sauce, organic brown rice vinegar, organic soy bean sauce, organic low-salt soy, organic children's organic, organic tea seed oil, organic olive oil, honey, etc. We always have and always will uphold the principle to produce every drop of product as if we are creating a life, and spread our brand message as if we are doing arts. Yours Sincerely — HONA Organic