Liaoning Style Cold Salad

Liaoning Style Cold Salad

A salad with a twist

The secret to making this salad is the dressing - go lavish! Like Italians with their coffee, when you feel like there is enough, add two more spoonfuls of sauce to the salad.

Liaoning Style Cold Salad

What You′ll Need


 beef tripe

150 克

Dried bean curd skins

80 克

Black wood-ear mushrooms

10 克


5 克

HUANG FEI HONG Spicy Peanuts

30 克

Bird eye chilies

5 克


WEI DA MEI Seafood Sauce

100 克

XI GUAN CU Rice Vinegar

50 克


80 克

WEI DA MEI Premium Oyster Sauce

20 克

Sesame oil

10 克


  • Slice and blanch beef tripes; cool in ice water before sieving out to air dry aside.

  • Follow the same steps for the sliced bean curd; plate with beef tripes.

  • Dress ingredients with WEI DA MEI Seafood Sauce, WEI DA MEI Rice Vinegar, sugar, WEI DA MEI Premium Oyster Sauce and sesame oil; garnish with chopped bird eye chillies, coriander and HUANG FEI HONG Spicy Peanuts. Ready to serve.