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Longana Honey

Longana Honey
  • Longana Honey
  • Longana Honey
  • Longana Honey

Imported from Thailand, HONA ORGANIC Longana Honey is harvested from the nectar of Euphoria Longana flower which blossoms voraciously against the backdrop of Thailand's serene and peaceful landscape. It is beautifully smooth and sweet with a golden colour so pure it is like melted amber in a jar. A gift from nature, organic longana honey is natural nourishment for the body with many health benefits, positively influencing your nervous system and digestive system.

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30g/btl , 24btl/ctn

300g/btl , 12btl/ctn

500g/btl , 12btl/ctn

Shelf Life

36 Months

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Longana Honey

Recommended for

Pairs well with lemon in a hot or cold drink; it is also perfect as an alternative to sugar, great for baking and cooking.

Nutrition Information

Every 100g contains: Energy 1443kJ, Protein 0g, Fat 0g, Carbohydrate 84.9g, Sodium 0mg

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